How To Shutdown Computer After a specificTime

This is a computer trick that gives you control over how long you will wait before your computer shutdown.

Step 1 – Open your CMD and type shutdown -s -t 30 in this 30 is the number of seconds you will wait before your computer shut down and it is a variable ie you can put any number you want.

Step 2 – You will see a warning during this waiting time indicating that your computer will shut down soon.

-t is the timer switch.

Step 3 –You can stop this computer from shutting down when the countdown hasn’t reached 0 by typing shutdown -a and hitting enter.

How to shutdown a remote computer Using Command Prompt

– The code is shutdown -s -m\Computer Name.

– You should know that Computer Name is the name of the computer you want to shut down.

– You view the names of the computers you are connected to by typing net view in the command prompt window.

– Before you can shut down a remote computer, you must have admin privileges on that computer.

– If you are not sure about that then open the Run box, type the computer name, and hit enter.

– Know that the login details username/password will be required if you can connect to the system.

-If you can provide the login details then you will see the directories of the system which is the confirmation that you can shut down the system remotely.

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