How to Add a Child or Adult User in Windows 10

If you share your computer with family members or coworkers, you’re going to want each of them to have their login. Each user gets their desktop layout, their own set of data folders, and their Start menu. You can also create child accounts that restrict what websites and apps your kids can use while reporting all of their activity to you. Here’s how to add adult users, parents, and children to Windows 10.

Step 1 – Navigate to Settings. You can get there from the Start menu and click Accounts.

Step 2 – Click Family & Other Users in the left window pane.

Step 3 –  Click “Add a family member” or “Add someone else to this PC.” Choose “family member” if you are either adding a child or adding an adult who needs access to parental control settings for child users. If no children are using this computer, using “Add someone else . . ” should be fine. How to Give a User Admin Permissions

If you want one of your adult users, whether they are a parent or not, to be able to install the desktop software, change settings or add other users, you will need to give them admin permissions.

Step 4 –  Open control panel. You can get there by hitting Windows + X and selecting the control panel.

Step  5 – Open the User Accounts menu and click Manage another account.

Step 6 – Select the account you wish to give admin rights.

Step  7 –Click “Change the account type.”

Step 8  – Select Administrator and click the Change Account Type button. How to Add Another Adult User

Step 9 –  Click “Add someone else to this PC.”

Step 10  – Enter the person’s email address and click Next. This address should be tied to the person’s Microsoft account.

Step 11  –  Click Finish

How to Add a Child

Step 1  –  Click “Add a Family Member and then Select “Add a Child.”

Step  2 –  Enter the child’s Microsoft account email address. If they don’t have a Microsoft account, you must sign them up for one. If your child is too young to have an email address and you click “The person I want to add doesn’t have an email address,” you will be prompted to create a Microsoft account and corresponding email address for them. Unfortunately, Microsoft requires child accounts to have email, but parents can use their email addresses or create a dummy one.

Step 3  – Click Confirm.

Step  4 – Click Close. The child’s email account will get an invite.

How to Add a Parent

A parent is like any other adult user, but they also have the right to manage the child’s settings.

Step  1 – Click Add a Family Member and then Select Adult, enter the email address and click Next. The email account should be tied to the new user’s Microsoft account. Click Confirm.

Step  2 – The person will receive an email invitation and have to confirm it.

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