Genius Hacks Tips & Tricks for Smartphone

Hacks Tips & Tricks for Smartphone :

1) To access the locked SD card in the smartphone & open the folder in the SD card

Step 1: Open google chrome

Step 2: Type file:/// sd card

Step 3 : give permision

Then you will see the folder & files in the SD card

2) Eject water from your smartphone speaker after getting it wet

Step 1: Open google chrome

Step 2: Type – fix my

Step 3: Open the first link & play it.

3) Open a hacking terminal in your smartphone

Step 1: Open the browser on your phone.

Step 2: geektper. com/mobile – open it.

Step 3: You see a just-like hacking terminal.

4)To send your favorite website to your friend without telling the website name

Step 1: Update your browser

Step 2: Open your favorite website & right click it

Step3: Click on create QR code

Then you can share the QR code with your friends & family.

5) Use Linux OS on your phone without Root.

Step 1: Open the play store

Step 2: Install – Debian no root app

It helps to use Linux on your phone. You can use & Run the Linux application. The user interphase is also good & smooth

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