How to fix computer sound not working problem

To fix Computer sound is not working problem follow the solution

Solution 1:

Check the volume level. Click the audio button in the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen to make sure the sound is turned on and that the volume is up.

Solution 2:

Check the audio player controls. Many audio and video players will have their separate audio controls. Make sure the sound is turned on and that the volume is turned up in the player.

Solution 3:

Check the cables. Make sure external speakers are plugged in, turned on, and connected to the correct audio port or a USB port. If your computer has color-coded ports, the audio output port will usually be green.

Solution 4:

Check if the sound is muted or turned down: Look for the volume icon in the taskbar (on Windows) or the menu bar (on Mac) and make sure that the volume is not muted or turned down too low.

Solution 5:

Check the speakers or headphones: Make sure that your speakers or headphones are properly plugged in and turned on. Try using a different set of speakers or headphones to see if the problem is with the device itself.

Solution 6:

Check the audio settings: Make sure that the correct audio output device is selected in your computer’s audio settings. You can usually access these settings by right-clicking on the volume icon and selecting “Playback devices” (on Windows) or by going to System Preferences and selecting “Sound” (on Mac).

Solution 7:

Update your audio driver: Sometimes, outdated or corrupted audio drivers can cause sound problems. Check if there are any available updates for your audio driver and install them.

Solution 8:

Restart your computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix sound problems.

Solution 9:

Check for hardware issues: If none of the above steps work, there may be a hardware issue with your computer’s sound card or speakers. Consider taking your computer to a professional for repair.

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